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These are short write ups in brochure format for quick reading. They can also be easily printed for personal use or distribution to others. They are mostly taken from the two books authored by A.S. Alam M.D., titled "The Eternal Guidance" and "The Rational Choice”.

001 Friendship of Faith

002 Criteria of Revealed Scriptures

003 Prophecies in the Scriptures

004 Verdict of West on Mohammed

005 The Holy Quran

006 Selected Verses from Quran

007 Islam the Eternal Guidance

008 Women's Rights

009 The Dress of the Modest

010 Polygamy in Revelealed Religions

011 The Jihad

012 What The non Muslims say about Islam

013 The Bible

014 Selected verses from the Bible

015 The New Testament

016 Is there a God

017 God The Creator

018 The Holy Trinity

019 Jesus, The God

020 Son of God

021 Genealogy of Jesus

022 Original Sin & Atonement

023 Miracles of Jesus

024 Crucifixion & Resurrection

025 Saint Paul The Prophet

026 Sacred Books Forbid Pork

027 The Christmas

028 The Rational Choice

029 Similarities between Hindu and Muslim Scriptures

031 What The Talmud Says

032 The Satanic Verses